Privacy policy

The webpage’s privacy information

1. Information

During the creation of the privacy policy we took into consideration the relating operative legislations. Thus the privacy policy serves the regulations of the Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information, the Act VI of 1998 on The Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, the Act C of 2003 regarding the electronic telecommunication, the Act CVIII. Of 2011 regarding the E-commerce. If the visitor of the webpage signs up and signs up to the newsletters, they consent to the subject’s data handling and also accept the regulations of the data handling mentioned in the present privacy policy.

1.1 Data controller:
Company name: MedicVet Ltd.
Residence: 2112 Veresegyház, Kálvin street 22. b.
Tax number: 22777894213
E-mail address:

2. Legal basis of data processing

Based on the act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Informaiton, personal data can be processed, if

The consent from the subject is granted
The act or authorization based on the act, in the designated place, the local government complies.
Act based from public policy – subject to the data’s certain selection – can comply the publication of the personal data.

In order to fully use the webpage and place the order, the following data has to be filled in, handles these data:

  • username
  • password
  • surname and first name
  • seal number
  • billing name and address
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number
  • date of sign up
  • IP address.

The above mentioned data can be shared with the partners of, except the subject’s password.

When visiting the webpage, in order to create internal statistics, the system can record the data of the visit, for instance the IP address, the type of the browser and the operating system and the time of the browsing. These data are not connected with the personal data, nor the identity of the visitor.

3. Duration of data processing

In regard to the user’s profile data, we store the data for five years from the last login, in regard to the data for the billing, according to the Act of accountancy’s 169. § (2) paragraph, we store it for 8 years.

4. Aim of data processing

The aim of data processing is to complete the order and to measure the webpage’s custom.

5. Aim of personal data and privacy default policy regarding handling these information 

Personal data handled by is only handed to the police or the tax authority when the obligation written in the law is complied.

6. Use and management of personal data

In regard to the personal data based on the Act VI of 1998 about the convention made in Strasbourg, 1981. January 28, does not process data regarding sexual life, racial elements, political point of view, religional or other beliefs, as well as health-related data. The previously mentioned data are not asked from the users. Personal data made available by the user to are not getting extended and we do not connect data or information from other sources to it. They only get connected if the law allows it and the user gives permission after providing sufficient information about it.

7. Data’s visibility, the subject’s rights

The subject could get information about the handling of their personal data, as well as requesting to modify, delete or suspend their data. The data controller must inform the subject about their processed data, their source, duration, legal ground and the aim of handling these data. Moreover, they must give information about the data controller’s name, address and all those activities which are connected to data processing. If transfer occurs, the data controller must provide information to the subject about their legal ground and the recipient. The information is free once per year. The data controller could only refuse giving information mentioned in the law. If the subject requests correction in their personal data, the data controller must execute it within 25 days and inform the subject in written form. If the subject requests their data to be deleted or suspended, the data controller must carry it out at once, but at most within 25 days. If the data controller refuses modifying, deleting or suspending the data, they must inform the refusal of their request in written form within 25 days after receiving

8. Information about data protection

If filling out the data is not obligatory, in other words the law does not order it, then must inform the subjects about the voluntarily act of filling the data out. They must comply with the limitation mentioned in the legal ground about data processing. does not distinguish adversely those users who deny on filling out the not obligatory data provision. does everything to protect data, including the technical and organizational actions. Furthermore, they form procedural rules that provide protection for the data and hinders the data’s destruction, illegal use llegal change. Moreover, it obliges itself to raise the attention of those who the data are forwarded to their obligations.

Information about the use of cookies

When logging into, the webpage automatically saves data from your computer, as well as devices used to surf the internet if your browser’s settings allow it or you allowed it on your first visit of the webpage.

Cookies are small sized files that are stored on the device used for browsing and activates itself when they visit the same webpage.’s owner and operator uses cookies in order to make browsing more comfortable and to enhance the user experience.

Through cookies, we record and control the following data about you, your computer and your devices used for browsing:

Your IP address
The browser’s type,
The device used for browsing’s operational system features (type, set language),
Time of visit,
The visited page, subpage, used function and services,
Time spent on website.

We kindly inform you, that these cookies cannot identify the visitor’s identity.’s owner and operator uses a third person’s cookies to get statistical data about the page’s visits and sessions. You can find more information about this here: Google Analytics Cookie Usage

Moreover, the social media’s built-in modules make it possible to share’s contents on social media. Further information: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram

The webpage’s operator can share these data with their partners only to provide efficient operation of the webshop.

Checking and turning off cookies

You can allow to change the cookie settings on your browser. If you would like to know more about the change in the cookies’ settings, choose your used browser and check the instructions or the help option. Please be aware that when the limited use or deletion of cookies, unavailable functions can occur, and the webshop can malfunction also.